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Aviation Spotting Log Software

Spot2Log is the answer to every aviation spotters dream, no more pieces of paper, no more scrap books with lists of registrations in laying around, no more searching for a photo that was taken for a specific aircraft, Spot2Log can store and retrieve all this quickly and easily.


Download a demo version of Spot2Log

We think that the best way for you to see if Spot2Log is the right tool for your box, is to download it and actually use it.

The demo version is fully functional and has no time limit. The only limit is a maximum of 25 entries (we hope thats enough for you to get a feel for it).

If you decide that Spot2Log is something that does what you need and would like to purchase it, just visit our website and click Buy. You will get a registration code to unlock the demo.

Key Software Features

  •  Easy Install in just 3 clicks
  •  Quick click data entry
  •  Share to Facebook and Twitter
  •  Export to Excel
  •  Live register integration
  •  Detailed viewing searches
  •  Printable trip reports
  •  Concise photo library
  •  Backup and restore data easily
  •  Customisable Data Fields
  •  Microsoft Windows compatible
  •  250+ Customers

Secure Payment

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