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Spot2Log is the answer to every aviation spotters dream, no more pieces of paper, no more scrap books with lists of registrations in laying around, no more searching for a photo that was taken for a specific aircraft, Spot2Log can store and retrieve all this quickly and easily.


For many years now, archived paper spotting logs have occupied the houses of aviation enthusiasts across the world. Spot2Log is a product that can change this by storing all of your logs in an electronic format, linking your digital photos to your logs. Aircraft enthusiasts will note and compile lists of markings, aircraft registrations, livery, code letters and the airline the aircraft is operating for, all of this data can be stored in one place, this one place being Spot2Log software.

With this software you can perform data searches and get instant results. There is no need to be hunting through piles of paperwork for the date you saw a particular aircraft, with a few clicks you can produce the results you are looking for. The more you use Spot2Log, the more intuitive it becomes improving entry speed times and ensuring consistent data records.

If you would like any paper copies of reports, you can easily print our a Trip Report from Spot2Log for your paper records or to show fellow enthusiasts at your next meet. Spot2Log will ensure your spotting records are fully organised and consolidated.

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Key Software Features

  •  Easy Install in just 3 clicks
  •  Quick click data entry
  •  Share to Facebook and Twitter
  •  Export to Excel
  •  Live register integration
  •  Detailed viewing searches
  •  Printable trip reports
  •  Concise photo library
  •  Backup and restore data easily
  •  Customisable Data Fields
  •  Microsoft Windows compatible
  •  250+ Customers

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